Augmented Reality India

Marker Based Augmented Reality

Marker-based AR uses a camera focuses on recognition of real-world objects or some type of visual markers. Simple patterns (such as a QR code) oR actual real world image (NFT) or real-world object (CAD based detection) are used as the markers.

Projection-Based Augmented Reality

Projection based augmented reality works by projecting artificial light onto real world surfaces. Projection on objects can be used to create deception about the position, orientation, and depth of an object.

Markerless Augmented Reality (SLAM)

The technology behind markerless augmented reality is Simultaneous localization and mapping technology (also known as SLAM) is one of the most advanced technology in augmented reality.

Outlining Augmented Reality

object recognition sits behind all that outlining AR can do and might look a bit like a projection-based AR.For example, whenever you’re parking your modern car in the dark, outlining AR recognizes the boundaries of the road and outlines them for you.

Location-based Augmented Reality

The location-based augmented reality, uses a GPS, digital compass, velocity meter, or accelerometer which is embedded in the device to provide data based on your location.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

Superimposition based augmented reality either partially or fully replaces the original view of an object with a newly augmented view of that same object.


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Our team at NS Ventures specialises in bringing an innovative approach towards your product or service. The times have changed and in the current Industrial Revolution 4.0, people are not just looking for a product, they are hunting for experiences. The value of a product increases threefold with a perfect combination of interaction between the service and the user and human emotion regarding the company. To create this strong impact, the sphere of augmented reality has entered the market.

NS Ventures has seen a growth in its necessity and has worked with many clients on creating customised virtual visits. With a high degree of consumer-project interaction, this advanced marketing solution is time and cost-optimized. With this technology becoming so easy to use, it has reshaped the way of marketing in real estate sectors. Hiking sales and purchases in this discipline, augmented reality provides a virtual experience to remember. Using advanced technology systems and innovative augmented reality tours, NS Ventures showcases a panoramic view where the customer can go over the tiny details of their prospect purchase.

Why choose Augmented Reality?

Immersive augmented reality services allow you to blend technology seamlessly into the real world using live videos, GPS data, sounds and computer-generated images. It visualises digital effects over real-time display – allowing the user to feel a shift of reality and an immersion to the digital sphere. NS Ventures shows a variety of augmented reality services distributed to clients all across India in various sectors like retail, real estate, manufacturing and apparel. We aim to bridge the information gap with a spotlight on the assets, enhancing the overall experience of viewing your product or service with an alternate reality framework.